Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Ties

A few weeks ago, all of us were able to spend a glorious Sunday afternoon at Wayne's family farm. Meme made a scrumptious barbecue lunch and the weather was picture perfect! As we were sitting on the patio watching the kiddies play in the yard, Papa arrived right on queue. Papa, Wayne's grandfather, is one of my most favorite people. He has an easy laugh and a strong love for his family. I remember the first time I met him..February 15, 1996. Wayne and I had been dating just three short weeks when he took me to the farm to meet his family. I was introduced to his dad and the pet bulldog, Bandit, in the driveway. The dog (and the man) had a bark bigger than his bite. I liked them immediately. Later that afternoon, I met my future mother-in-law, Wayne's two sisters and his niece and nephew. It was a nerve racking, wonderful time! Wayne's itinerary for the rest of the weekend was to introduce me to numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and his grandparents. I remember walking into Nannie and Papa's that night. They were sitting in their side by side recliners watching Jeopardy. His grandmother had begun her descent into Alzheimer's but Papa was able to help her remember her old rival! It was an entertaining visit. I've told Wayne before that I fell in love with his family first....and that is partly true. The Lowe's all have beautiful smiles and warm hearts. They made me one of their own from that weekend on. I love them all dearly. Papa has in-operable liver cancer. He has been the picture of health for most of the years that I have known him. It's not unusual to find him wrestling on the floor with one of his great grandsons or flirting with an attractive lady at the diner. He's a giant in our lives and we will cherish every second we have with him.

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  1. These are beautiful sunkissed pictures. What happy memories (even for me of my one day on the farm.) Prayers for Wayne's grandfather. Love!