Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Water Under the Bridge

Friendship is important to me. Where would I be without my freinds? I have friends that are as much a part of my daily routine as drinking coffee...The day doesn't start without them! I have friends that I rarely see and yet, they hold the keys to my heart. From babyhood through adulthood, I can recall the stages of my life by the company I kept. I am so thankful that there hasn't been too many casualties.

But there has been a few.... Over the last several years I have mourned the loss of a dear friendship. So much hurt and misunderstanding surrounded our parting that I was convinced no repair could be made. When I heard their names mentioned I would inwardly wince. How do you go back? I am a self-professed people pleaser and this only makes matters worse! What can I do to fix this? Send a card? Drop by unannounced? Or just settle for good memories and move on?

It so happens that our family ran into our old friend the other day. Time has gone by and the kids have grown up. We spent a few minutes catching up, chatting and remembering. Wayne and I have both wondered if this day would ever come.....and here it was! We were able to tell this man how precious he and his wife were to us. Their kindnesses had not been forgotten. Miraculously, bitterness was completely absent from the meeting! I've been walking on air since Saturday night....Thank you Lord! Isn't He the best?

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  1. I always think about what your dad said, if you can count your dear friends on one hand at the end of your life, you've been blessed. So glad I count you among my nearest and dearest.