Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Scarfy

Today needs to end. Really, it does. I have accomplished.... nothing. I tried to clean the kitchen, but the kids insist on using every dish in the house three times a day. The dishwasher and my chapped hands screamed for mercy. As I was sweeping the floor I discovered balls bigger than the Cocoa Pebbles that Phoebe showered everywhere. Tiny turds. The joy of potty training. The broom is in the corner and the toddler is now wearing a pull-up. The laundry is piled on the sofa, waiting to be folded. The pile I folded is on the floor, scattered. Eight rolls of toilet paper evaporated and a whole box of wipes were flushed down the potty.

I sent the man to the store for taco fixings but I forgot to mention toilet paper. Worse yet, the taco fixings (plus a much needed six pack of Coke and a bag of Dove chocolates) cost $34.00. Has the world gone mad?

It's past bedtime and I have to pee... and Roo could really use a wipe or two!

Earlier today, I was telling my sister about my love affair with scarves. I heart them!!! Their loud, brilliant, beautiful colors make me happy, and they mask a multitude of sins. Shirt have a stain? Put a scarf on it! Too much cleavage? Put a scarf on it!  Feel like a doormat? Put a scarf on it! Really, scarves are the best thing to come into fashion since the control top. 

If only I could wrap a scarf around my day and feel good about it.


  1. I hope you put a Pull-Up on the broom too! Hope the weekend is smiley and wonderful.

    1. I can't seem to remember to click the reply button!

  2. The poor, compromised broom! The weekend has been a loud of laughs! Miss you.

  3. Hahaha!!! Hilarious!! Sounds familiar!