Saturday, June 1, 2013


The other day my phone wheezed out, "D-R-O-I-D", in the middle of our it's-almost-summer homeschool pandemonium. I was happy to see a text from Jess. She sent me a picture from our senior trip...eighteen years ago....

Jess: Was looking for something else this AM and found this. Thought you'd want to walk down memory lane with me.

Me: I'm glad I was in the back!!!

Me: South of the Border...tip can in the bathroom...frozen sandwich meat defrosted on the could one forget.

Jess: Why did you let me dress like a bumble bee?

Me: I had a mustache!

Jess: Just the shadows, I'm sure.

Me: You've made my day.

And she did make my day. I needed to laugh. The clouds parted and the birds sang...and then the kids scattered because mom got sidetracked...again. But it was worth it, so worth it. My friend lives across the country. We shoot these random one-liners back and forth every so often and she doesn't feel so far away and eighteen years ago feels like yesterday.

God bless texting.

Last week I was wasting time (who me?) scrolling down my FB feed when I saw a picture of one of our dear seminary friends standing in front of a national monument with his kiddos.

Me: Our y'all in DC?? Come see us!

I knew it was a long shot. And I'm sure he regretted putting that picture up...But a few days later, his sweet wife texted me. Stalking/time wasting/mindless facebook pays off every once in awhile. For a little over an hour last Saturday, while making their long drive home to South Carolina, the Kuckel clan stopped over to see us! It's been eleven years since we shared a duplex on Judson Drive...but it could have been last week... plus five kids. I'd like to spend hours talking about babies and homeschooling with Hope, but that one hour in between the traffic jams meant the world!

I love friends.

Fran and I have clocked 200 texts since I got my new phone in March. The topics range from Barbara Walters to diarrhea...

Fran: Are we green people or blue people?

Yup. She is the other half of my brain and sometimes that's just scary.  Texting keeps her right the mix. Hard to believe that we only see each other twice a year, she's apart of my everyday.

See, the truth is I stink at texting. I'm pretty much a below average texter, probably. But look at what I've gleaned!

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