Monday, March 23, 2009

Proof Of My Humanity

Before I get into my "story" let me prove my humanity to you. Just this morning, I was seen running down the street in only my bathrobe with a spoon in my hand! You see, my darling daughter refused to wear the pants I picked out and was seconds from missing the school bus. Wayne had my car and I wasn't about to pile all the kids in his Saturn. So, I did what any desperate mother would do....Everytime Annie sat down in the middle of the road to sob I would run after her with the spoon, threatening a life spent in complete isolation if she missed that bus! She did FINALLY board the bus. The driver just shook her head and honked. As I walked back home, my neighbor appeared. "Having a good morning?" he asked. "Apparently NOT!" is all I could answer.

So, on with the story....

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