Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Second Time Around

My three older children were all born within three years of each other. It seemed like I was knee high in diapers forever! I know every one of the Barney songs by heart and Cailou almost forced me over the edge! I thought that babyhood would never end....and then it was over.

It didn't happen gracefully. My first clue was when Ethan and Sambo were in first grade and kindergarten. They were playing football that fall....adorable in those little uniforms! Anyway, one afternoon I got the bright idea to show off my team spirit for my tiny jocks! So, I spray painted the van windows with their names and team numbers..I was so excited driving to school that afternoon! I just knew they were going to love it! Well, I saw the principal walking the kids out to the cars and I started to honk and wave to the boys. Ethan saw me, I know he did! He ducked his head and acted like his ride was no where in sight.
The crossing guard almost had to force those stinkers to cross over to me. Apparently, a be-dazzled mini van isn't as cool as I thought it was....Ethan got in and said "Just drive Mom!" and Sambo quit the team the next day. When did my babies become these moody little monsters?

That's when the babybug hit me. Ethan, Sam and Annie were ready to give up the babas, binkies and mankies but I wasn't! And now, I have two crops of kids, my three big ones and my two little ones. Phoebe is truly a bundle of joy! Our family is so enthralled by her antics...she's a constant source of entertainment. Every new thing that she learns or discovers brings me just as much pride as it did with the older three. This week she has started to hum Jesus Loves Me and every time she does it my heart almost bursts. I love to watch her sway and dance to music. I love how everything on four legs is a DOG! I love the kisses that she blows away. I love her giggle. I love that Ruby is right behind her with double the fun! How could I forget the exquisite wonder of babyhood?

I think that I have a completely different perspective this time around. Our schedule is maxed to the extreme with the church and after-school activities. Bodies fly in and out of the house all the time. Life is so much faster with these two little babies, but at the same time Phoebe and Ruby are helping to keep us centered on the real joy of life. I am so thankful that God chose me to be the mother of this little tribe.

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  1. I love that you have the same amount of awe and wonder for each stage for each child. All five of them know they are unique and very loved. I also love that you can stop briefly and smell the roses, or baby poo as this case may be.

    Love ya!