Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dog-gone Deacon!

They tell you to never buy a car from a friend...Well, I'm living proof that a preacher should never take a "puppy" from a deacon! Our boy REALLY wanted a puppy. Every week for months he checked out dog books from the school library. After researching every breed possible, Samuel decided that our family needed a beagle. Lo and behold, a deacon from our church had the perfect beagle pup for us!

One day last week Wayne picked the older kids up from school and headed over to check out the prospect. He called me from the dog pen and said "I'm not so sure about this..." I'm an optimist, no puppy can be that bad, right? Well... Wayne called back a few minutes later to tell me that they were on their way home with the new addition. He also informed me despite the bitterly cold weather, they were forced to roll down all of the windows because of the STENCH! This is where my optimism began to fail...

Upon their arrival at home, I detected that "Turbo's" stench wasn't this puppy's only problem. He was UGLY and he didn't look too healthy. His nails were so long that they were curling! The kids wanted him to sleep in their beds....I wasn't so sure I wanted him to sleep in my yard! "Let's wait until after he goes in for his check-up."

Oh the check up, the ever humbling check up! Tears come to my eyes when I think about it! I couldn't find the leash that morning so I carried Turbo to the car and into the office. I had to sit in that waiting room and act like a "loving" owner....There were two other women waiting with fluffy poodley looking dogs. They commented on Turbo's cuteness. I knew they were lying so I just smiled.

When it was my turn I carried Turbo to the exam room. I stood beside him and waited for the vet. This was the first time I had been close enough to get a good look at him. I saw strange looking "fleas" all over him and he still stunk even though the boys had bathed him twice. I sorely regretted not finding that leash!

His examination brought many surprises. I told the vet that he was only one or two years old....HAH! He opened up Turbo's mouth and all of his back teeth were rotten! Not the teeth of a puppy! He also informed me that a young dog wouldn't have nails that curled. "No mam, this dog is no less than seven years old." Turbo's ears were full of mites. The "fleas" were not fleas at all, they were lice! Let's see, rotten teeth, ear mites and lice, what a gem! However, he is heart worm that supposed to give me comfort? I'd carried that thing in there and he was covered in lice! Dr. Jones must have read my face because he told me that lice are species specific. Lice is lice and I don't like lice!

$100.00 later Turbo is howling in my backyard. He's been de-loused, had his ear drops and starts the rest of his meds next week. The kids still think he's the new puppy...let's just say he's mature for his age! I'm thinking about becoming a non-profit, we'll accept donations! Some people buy oceanfront property in Arizona....we got Turbo from a deacon!


  1. Just remember that the word "con" is hidden in the word deacon.

  2. That's an underlying qualification.

  3. This is why dog is MAN's best friend. I sympahtize though. Kaiser now apparently has a thyroid condition on top of his allergies. I told Matt he needed a second job to afford his friend.

  4. great to connect with you over FB. i love your blog. we have a blog too and it's a fun way to journal the every day stuff we would too soon forget! :)

    our oldest, Harrison, is BEGGING for a dog. has been for almost two years. i think we're not going to be able to hold him off much longer or he will surely have issues as a grown adult! :)

    what a beautiful family you have!