Sunday, May 3, 2009


Do you hear that? Ahhh! The blissful sound of NOTHING! The entire household, except for me, is asleep! Hallelujah! The weekend is nearing its end; three ballgames, two birthday parties, church and boogers. Yup, boogers get me a little fired up, especially when I find them in places that I shouldn't!

Saturday was a particularly hot and stormy. We had spent the morning shuttling the kids to and from their games. Came home just long enough to stuff a peanut butter sandwich down and off the SEVEN of us went to a birthday party. This party rated far cooler than most because the boys were able to go fishing. Did you know that fishing is a very long process? Did you know that small children aren't very patient? Did you know that worms and squirming fish really gross me out? I was a good sport through it all but I was in need of a nap in the worst way!

I smiled and goodbyed so politely as we were leaving. I calmly informed my mini-van passengers that I was tired and to please refrain from any noise making on our trip back home. The boys were goofing off in the backseat...which was irritating but I was trying my hardest to ignore them. "Mom, Mom! He just wiped a booger on the seat!" You could have told me that Samuel had just robbed a bank and I wouldn't have been any more angry! I tried my best to grow a Detective Gadget arm to reach back there and throttle them both! That little red mini-van almost hydro-planed I was so full of fury! A booger! Is the child not eight years old??? And the worst part, he thought it was hilarious!

That's when I had to take a mental time-out. The little turkey in the back thinks that he can wipe boogies on the upholstery that we are still paying off. How dare he! To be honest, the interior of my van is very much like the floor of my laundry room. Had I not been informed of the "boogie", I'm sure it would have gone unnoticed and untouched for AGES! So my natural course of action was to have my two darlings clean and chisel. I'm sure the wailing and gnashing of teeth could be heard around the globe.

It was quite satisfying to choose a discipline that just hit the spot! As I watched, through the kitchen window, those boys clean out all that junk I was filled with power! Maybe I should go around the house and look for more boogers....I could end up in a much cleaner environment! Who knew that boogers could be a good thing?

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  1. this post is hilarious to me! i can so relate to pretty much every part of it! it's one thing when i allow something to get messed up b/c of my sheer laziness but it's ANOTHER thing for them to mess it up on purpose...and find humor in dare they! :) it's so refreshing to hear REAL stories from REAL mom's just doing life! :) thanks for sharing! :)