Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Pursuit for the Perfect Pup

I found the cutest little puppy on Craigslist. Part Jack Russell, part beagle, and according to the vet part worm! Am I cursed? Is there a dark cloud hanging over me preventing me from finding a "normal" dog? I confess that I am horribly impulsive...

Why would I want a puppy? Do I not clean up enough poop? I can not tell you "why"! I don't know "why"! It's some weird genetic disorder passed down from my grandmother.....Lord, please don't let me turn into my Granny!

When I picked up Rocko ( the replacement of the before mentioned Turbo) I had a feeling of buyer's remorse. I hadn't really weighed in on the effects of a puppy in our already bursting household. Turbo didn't make many waves...In fact, Turbo doesn't do anything but hide under the deck. I guess he just waiting for his Maker to call him home. Feel free God....

Rocko has been here for three days now. He found his voice and his appetite tonight. I just read that Jack-a-bees (the designer name for the jack russell/ beagle mix) are extremely high strung and energetic. Oh joy! Phoebe has to be monitored at all times. I've found her putting the choke hold on him twice! Strangulation could definitely deter any destructive behavior. Oh, let us survive puppyhood/ toddlerhood/ crazy Granny moments!

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  1. You are a glutton for punishment. I hope Rocko eventually turns out to be all you hoped and not more! Happy Mother's Day early.