Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who Let the Frog Out?

You know the ON AIR sign you see at TV and radio stations, I feel like that sign is over the threshold of our church. No matter what has transpired at home or during the drive to church, once my feet hit the pavement I'm ON! Greeting, listening, cleaning, hunting, entertaining, serving etc. I'm not complaining, I'm merely stating a fact.

Unlike the local anchor woman, I'm ON AIR with my five children in toe. Usually, Phoebe is on my hip and Ruby's in her car seat....But where, oh where have the older three gone? I'm afraid Ethan, Sam and Annie take full advantage of my preoccupation with other people or service. They scatter like the wind to the playground and beyond.

Last Wednesday night was pretty typical. I was in the parking lot discussing our upcoming VBS with the youth leaders when out of the corner of my eye I noticed Sam toting his binocular bag into the building. I half heartily yelled "We don't bring toys to church!" and I turned away and continued my conversation. Little did I know what that boy was really packing!

Fast forward two hours...we're back at home and I am scrabbling to feed the kids a snack before I throw them all in bed! "Hey Mom, did you know that Sam brought a frog to church?" No, I did not! "Yeah, he let it out during the Bible story." Out of what? "His binocular bag."

This is real life....this is my life!

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  1. Just be glad you didn't know at the time! You'd have been trying to catch him. Thanks for being a wonderful friend.