Friday, November 12, 2010

If You Give A Mom A Hair Cut

If you give a mom a hair cut, chances are she'll want a new color to go with it. And if she picks a new color, chances are it will suck! So, she'll want a paper bag to wear on her head! A paper bag will remind her that she bought the dreaded color on clearance at Kroger's. Thinking about Kroger's will remind her that she's out of toilet paper.

 So you'll have to take her to the store. Chances are people at the store will be freaked out by her hair. So she'll start crying and want to pick out a new color. Chances are the new color will be even worse....And she'll want a new hair cut to go with it!


  1. If you blog about it, people are going to want a picture. I want a picture (or two).

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! If you give a mom a haircut, I'll bet it sucks too (I'm talking about mine, not yours...)