Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas School: Let There Be Lights!

My determination to make this the "best Christmas ever" has really been put to the test. Monday was a tough day for me. We received some news that sent me crawling under the covers, only to be yanked back out by a three year old desperate to go to the North Pole. She is soaking in the joy and magic just as quickly as I'm squelching it. Feeling more grinchy then jolly, I accompanied my family to the Bass Pro Shop in pursuit of Santa and his reindeer. Wouldn't you know, Santa wasn't due to arrive for another three hours! The stuffed grizzle bear and the big fat ugly fish were no substitute....We had to find Santa and fast! Thankfully, he was hiding out at our own dumpy little mall, who knew?

Funk be gone, Christmas will go on! And it has, quite beautifully, I must say. Tuesday night Wayne read to us about how Martin Luther brought home an evergreen tree and illuminated it with candle light to teach his children about the grandeur of God. We followed suit by enjoying a Christmas tree cake that twinkled just as brightly as the stars in the heavens!

That's my limit in the cake department!
These girls light up my life!

Give me cake!

As soon as the plates were cleared, we marched the kids off to bed....much to their dismay! While they  screamed foul at a 6:45 bedtime, Wayne and I were preparing the concessions for our very own Mini-Van Express! Armed with popcorn and candy, we freed the captives from their beds and embarked on a moonlight adventure. We oohed and aahed over the twinkling Christmas lights around town as we headed toward the city where the lights were bigger and brighter!

After a two hour round trip across Chesterfield County, bed was no longer a joke. What fun we had watching and singing in a stuffy van that night! This evening trip wasn't just a Christmas lights excursion, it was a gift from above. With my husband at the wheel, me at his side and all five kids safely in back seat. Life is good!..Thank you, Jesus.


  1. The mini van express sounds slightly reminsecent of the Fun Bus. We chased Santa down at the Bass Pro Shop too, then, of course, he could scare my baby.

    I love the cake (and the story, I never knew that). Next you need to make snow flake tortillas, they're delicious.

  2. Yay! you did it ... the Mini Van express! We have yet to adorn the tree so I think that will be tonight. Maybe a jammie ride early next week for lights!
    BTW if you decide to make the spice ornaments ... they are fun for the kids, messy and gooey and sticky and messy and gluey. And they smell great! (It was a torturous "eewww" time for the first few minutes. And I am not sure you would call them ornaments now but they will hang on the tree)