Friday, December 31, 2010

Onward March!

2010, twas a rough year. By far, the most challenging of our thirteen year marriage. Before I throw it out with the bath water, let me tell you what I'll carry with me into the New Year. I will carry into 2011, the love (Baby, we don't lack in that department!), the friendship ( We have the most fabulous friends.), the generosity (Had it not been for the sacrificial giving of others.... our ship would have sunk. I hope in this upcoming year that God would allow us to give above and beyond.), the laughter (it rang out inside this house, even on the darkest days!) and finally..... the hope (Despite the set backs and obstacles, our hope is continually in the Lord.) With HIM, the future is bright!

My resolutions are beginning to stack up at an alarming rate. Will I really have more patience with the kids, drop thirty pounds, be a better steward of my time, stop drinking coke, wean off of facebook, tame the laundry etc...? More likely than not, oh never mind! It's a new year and I am beyond optimistic!

Happy 2011 dear friends! Onward March!


  1. Happy 2011! It's a new season friend, a new season full of new riches and new promises.