Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas School: Loving Our Neighbors Both Feathered and Furry

These cute little feeders were supposed to be our Christmas gift to the birds and squirrels that reside on Perdue Ave. However, our dog spent over an hour jumping in the air trying to snag them off the tree branches! Annie hung a few up pretty high, so maybe the little critters had a chance. Whatever fate the feeders met, we had a great time making them!

My crew minus Roo.
Ruby was absent from class today due to a virus. (We missed you Roo!) But her fellow classmates really dug in and got the job done! Annie collected the pine cones from our neighbors yard, Sam willingly sacrificed the ancient honey from the cabinet, I threw in one jar of our favorite food staple (peanut butter), and we bought a cheap bag of bird seed. Forty-five minutes of sticky hands and one seriously messy kitchen later....

Peanut butter was a better adhesive than the honey. For my sweet allergic friend, try substituting it with Cheese Whiz.
My hat goes off to Ethan. He was the only one brave enough to work beside Phoebe!
Well done sweet girl!

It was worth the mess and the dog poop I tracked in the house. Merry Christmas tiny neighbors, Merry Christmas!

FYI: This idea and many more that will follow in our Christmas School are adapted from Lisa Whelchel's book The ADVENTure of Christmas, check it out here.

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  1. Cheez Whiz? Do you want the birds to like or hate me?