Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas School Begins!

Christmas is going to be different this year. Because, this year is going to be the best Christmas ever!

Such attentive little pupils!
 We've always survived the hustle and bustle of the holidays just hoping to make it to the "main event". And with the blink of an eye, Christmas morning has come and gone....All that stress, all that planning, poof it's over. I generally turn into a machine this time of year. Tree up CHECK, decorations out CHECK, shopping CHECK, Christmas Cantata CHECK, Birthday Party for Jesus CHECK, procrastinating CHECK, baking CHECK, wrapping CHECK, panicking CHECK, DOUBLE CHECK! I don't generally spend much time or energy preparing my heart, or my children's hearts, for the season....It will all soak in, right?

Reasons beyond my control dictate that this year will indeed be different. I'm embracing the change. We are going to take this month of December and linger over Christmas. I've determined that we will enjoy this season to the very last drop! We began our first annual Christmas School this week. Each kid made a Hershey's kisses advent for themselves and one to share with a friend. As of this morning, there are twenty-four kisses until Christmas! Today we'll decorate the tree, but only after we have decked a tree in our backyard for the local bird and squirrel population.

Um, Ruby ate more than she created.

Twenty-five kisses to go!
I have so many ideas, so many aspirations, and so much to celebrate! That wee little baby, born so long ago, selflessly gave His own life to spare mine. This year, we will remember, this year we will rejoice!!

So come along and join us! I'll be blogging away each Christmas School activity. BTW here's a link to Confessions of A Homeschooler, click here. Her advent is amazing!!!!


  1. Precious Reagan! This is so much my heart for this season with my children but I fall victim to the same old monotonous story of lists and to-do's ... none of which make a lasting impression or more importantly, none give any glory to God for the gift of Jesus and the gift of family. Thanks for the ideas ... I am looking forward to more!

  2. It's funny you should say this b/c I started putting together a small package for you all today. Can one of your advent activities please be to open a package from me?

    We may steal your feed the birds idea too. We needed a few more activities for our calendar.

  3. We must be twins in spirit because every time I read your blog, I feel the same way! I have never enjoyed Christmas time with my kids... I hate messes and get too worked up about them. The fact that we both are going through the book, you are encouraging me to do those crafty things and learn to clean up with a happy heart, besides how can my children have a happy heart if mine stinks! Keep it up friend!