Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good, Good Days!

So much to write, my mind is racing. Life is a rush these hot summer days. Archeology camp for the boys, play dates for the girls, a VBS to prepare. No time to sit, less time to procrastinate! It's all good, really, really good. Two years ago this week, we emerged from a pit that some would call a church. It took some time to break the chains....but they are indeed broken. Praise the Lord!

This past week, Wayne directed a basketball camp at our church. Fifty-eight kids attended, local high school coaches volunteered to teach clinics, and some pretty incredibly people from our church stepped up and poured themselves out. Nine of these children made decisions to follow Christ.... It was a joy! There aren't words to describe my gratitude for having a place to worship, a place to serve, a place to grow, a place to belong, and a place to wait. God's moving in this family....

I heard this song , Washed By the Water, for the first time Sunday. Of course, it struck a cord with me.


  1. I love that song but listening to it with your family in mind gives it a new perspective. I am so thankful to hear you are doing better... Glad you are able to serve and be loved on...

  2. I love everybody's matching beach outfits. And, I'm impressed you could pull it off. So glad so much is good!

  3. Reagan,
    I'm *so* enjoying "getting to know" your family through your blog!