Sunday, May 27, 2012


 I've been down with a stomach bug. It's awful when the weather's great, the kids are great and your friends are moving out of state. Stuck at home with sea-legs, so to speak.

Around 11:30 tonight (err, last night?) Wayne turned on the TV in our room. The Food Network boasted a mean-looking burger and after three miserable days... I was down-right hungry. My dearest said he could eat "something" too. Well if Bobby Flay's eating a mean-looking burger, so am I!

So tomorrow or this morning, whichever way you look at it, I'll have to face the fact that I made a monster burger and homemade french fries at midnight. I even grilled peppers and onions. I'll have to answer the boys' tough question at breakfast, "Hey Mom, why does the house smell like fried burgers?"  I might feel a little guilty, but just a little.

It's fun to be inspired... It's fun to eat burgers in bed after midnight too! Thanks Bobby.

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  1. Sorry you were sick. Glad you at least had company for your late night burger.