Friday, September 14, 2012

Redeeming Today

God's been shouting in my ear, again.

Blogs I love to read all having similar messages, the insightful posts on Facebook, a conversation with a complete stranger at the park, a homeschooling lecture I attended, the trial of a friend.....

His message?

"Soak in every second!"

"Stop majoring on the minors."

"Life is not an emergency."

"Enjoy these years."

Today my baby created her own version of a dollar bill and tried to bribe her brother with it. How does she even  understand what money is? And, for crying out loud, why? Why does the cutest three year old in town have to beg someone to play Barbies with her?
"These are the moments."

My life is a gift. Every second of it.

I'm astounded by how much I've already missed. I blame my own selfishness and stupidity. I am equally astounded humbled by the grace that surrounds me. My kids NEVER say NO to.... longer walks, extra chapters, one more hug, a funny story, or a kiss goodnight. Even though, being brutally honest here, I've done enough damage to deserve a NO and a cold shoulder. But the doors to their hearts are wide open. I'm swimming in grace.

My children haven't run away from me. In fact, all five of them are waiting for Mom to catch up. They're cheering me on....

My husband hasn't run away, either. He's never held a grudge....He's the most grace-filled person I've ever known. I love him so.

Ann Voskamp has a gift with words and these blessed my heart today:

When someone stops doing nothing
and starts doing something
This is what starts to change everything.
Do. Something.

I'm going to do something.
I'm going to live. Today. And I'm going kiss each one of my babies... and my husband too.
You don't even know what will happen tomorrow.
 What is your life?
It is a mist that appears for a little while. Then it disappears.
 James 4:14


  1. I can almost hear Granny's response to this--"Oh honey, *honey*! That's right, just love on 'em!"

    Please remember to give yourself the same grace and mercy. After all, today is fresh with no mistakes in it, yet. (It's never too early for a little Anne Shirley, is it?

  2. Redeeming the day - I like it. I'm think I'll borrow it.

    You should try eye-bombing your kids. I think even your big ones would like it. We've had a lot of fun with a package of googly eyes.